From this section you will be able to access to your ongoing trainings, create a
new training and a new live-playing.


The training connects 1 director and 1 up to 3 actors. The actor records a video directly
on the platform and the director directs the actor. Users can work whenever they want.
Thanks to the « training », they will be able to work on a scene, a monologue, to prepare
for a casting, to explore a scenario, to practice acting and directing.
The training will be initiated by the director who would like to work on a text or by the
actor who proposes doing an interpretation and would like to be directed. (Each user
can act or direct).


The Live-Playing connects 2 users. One user proposes doing a reading, have a
feedback on a monologue, Meisner repetitions, etc. He chooses a time slot.
Another user connects with him at that time on a video chat. "For example,
tomorrow I am free at 9 am and I would like to read a text with someone. Who’s
free to work with me?


In this section, you will find the list of all the actors and directors using Acting-Online